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By June 27, 2024July 4th, 2024CCMA News




The Canadian Country Music Association® is deeply saddened to hear about the passing of 2010 Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee and iconic Manitoba Métis musician Ray St. Germain.

Ray St. Germain, a celebrated musician whose heart belonged to the Red River Métis people, left an indelible mark on many through his extraordinary talent and fervent passion. His deep connection to his Métis heritage was woven into every aspect of his life and work. As an ardent advocate for Métis rights and recognition, St. Germain used his music as a potent instrument for cultural revitalization and empowerment, bridging the past and present for future generations.

St. Germain’s unwavering pride in his Métis roots resonated through his tireless efforts and artistic endeavors. He championed the cause of the Métis community, ensuring their voices were heard and their stories told. His songs not only entertained but also educated, offering a rich tapestry of Métis history and culture. This dedication to his heritage earned him respect and admiration far beyond the music industry.

In recognition of his significant contributions, Ray received numerous accolades throughout his career. In 1985, he was honoured with the Aboriginal Order of Canada. Later, in 2013, he received the Order of Manitoba and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards. These prestigious awards underscore his lasting impact and commitment to both his art and his community.

With over 500 television shows to his credit, St. Germain’s influence extended beyond the music stage. His recent honour, having a street named after him, “Big Sky Country Way,” pays homage to one of his beloved TV shows, cementing his legacy in both the entertainment world and his community. This tribute reflects not only his contributions to television but also his enduring impact on cultural preservation and community pride.

Amy Jeninga, President of the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA), shared, “Ray St. Germain was a true pioneer in our industry. His passion for music and his dedication to the Métis community inspired so many. His legacy will live on through the countless lives he touched with his music and advocacy. He will be deeply missed but never forgotten.”