Voting Mechanics

1. Online through

This is a voting website where nominees can encourage fans to visit to cast their vote. Here, fans will be able to vote multiple times for their favourite artist by simply clicking on an act’s photo to vote. To note: captchas will be set up to catch any bot voting attempts and only one vote per user per day will be counted. The votes will be collected and verified via DMDS/Yangaroo. The URL voting portal is active on 12:00 PM EST July 27, 2022 through 9:00 AM EST September 9, 2022.

2. Hashtag Voting though Twitter

Hashtag voting will be introduced to coincide with Country Music Week. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favourite Amazon Music & Alexa Fans’ Choice nominees by using the appropriate hashtag on Twitter. The hashtags are:

#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMATenilleArts
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMADeanBrody
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMAJadeEagleson
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMAHighValley
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMAJamesBarkerBand
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMABrettKissel
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMATylerJoeMiller
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMARobynOttolini
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMATheReklaws
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMADallasSmith
#AmazonFansChoice #VoteCCMATenilleTownes

Each tweet counts as a vote. Retweets count as a vote. Fans can vote as often as they like. Hashtags will be counted on Meltwater. The hashtag voting mechanism will be active, July 27, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST through to September 9, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST.

The Amazon Music and Alexa Fans’ Choice winner will be announced during the 2022 CCMA Awards Show broadcast on Sunday, September 11th 2022.