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Entertainer of the Year (Award #1)
Tenille Arts
James Barker Band
Brett Kissel
Dallas Smith
Tenille Townes

Ford F-150 Album of the Year (Award #2)
Diamonds in a Whiskey Glass – Gord Bamford
Heart On My Glass – Meghan Patrick
Honkytonk Revival – Jade Eagleson
Masquerades – Tenille Townes
Nothing Is Meaningless – Don Amero

Amazon Music and Alexa Fans’ Choice (Award #3)
Tenille Arts
Dean Brody
Jade Eagleson
High Valley
James Barker Band
Brett Kissel
Tyler Joe Miller
Robyn Ottolini
The Reklaws
Dallas Smith
Tenille Townes

Spotify Female Artist of the Year (Award #4)
Tenille Arts
Lindsay Ell
Robyn Ottolini
Meghan Patrick
MacKenzie Porter
Tenille Townes

Group or Duo of the Year (Award #5)
High Valley
Hunter Brothers
James Barker Band
The Reklaws
Tim & The Glory Boys

Interactive Artist or Group of the Year (Award #6)
Hailey Benedict
Aaron Goodvin
Hunter Brothers
James Barker Band
The Reklaws

Male Artist of the Year (Award #7)
Dean Brody
Jade Eagleson
Brett Kissel
Tyler Joe Miller
Dallas Smith

Rising Star (Award #8)
Hailey Benedict
Nate Haller
Andrew Hyatt
Josh Ross

Alternative Country Album of the Year (Award #9)
Diamonds In The Desert – Jason Blaine
Down-Home – Kyle McKearney
Homebound – Twin Kennedy
Songs My Friends Wrote – Corb Lund
Unreleased Songs From The Vault Collection. Vol 4: Let’s Smile Again – Stompin’ Tom Connors

Single of the Year (Award #10)
All Night To Figure It Out – Jade Eagleson
Boy Like Me – Aaron Goodvin
Girl Who Didn’t Care – Tenille Townes
Make A Life, Not A Living – Brett Kissel
More Drinkin’ Than Fishin’ – Jade Eagleson, Dean Brody
Over All Over Again – James Barker Band
Tailgate To Heaven  – Shawn Austin (Feat. Chris Lane)

Songwriter(s) of the Year (Award #11)
Steph Jones, David Pramik, Tenille Townes         
Song: Girl Who Didn’t Care (Performed By: Tenille Townes)
Will Bundy, MacKenzie Porter, Lydia Vaughan 
Song: Pickup (Performed By: MacKenzie Porter)
Matthew Cardinal, Doc de Groot, Jay Der, Jeff Dick, Mike Nash, Aaron Pollock, Chris Yurchuck 
Song: Rebel Phase (Performed By: The Prairie States)
Lindsay Ell, Jordan Schmidt, Geoffrey Warburton        
Song: Right On Time  (Performed By: Lindsay Ell)
Monty Criswell, Tim Hicks, Deric Ruttan
Song: Whiskey Does (Performed By: Tim Hicks)

Video of the Year (Award #15)
Girl Who Didn’t Care – Tenille Townes
Heaven On Dirt – Gord Bamford
High School – Nice Horse
More Drinkin’ Than Fishin’ – Jade Eagleson, Dean Brody
Pickup – MacKenzie Porter
Relationship Goals – Steven Lee Olsen
Whiskey Does – Tim Hicks


Bass Player of the Year (Award #16)
Lisa Dodd
Justin Kudding
Mark Rynkun
Brandi Sidoryk
Holt Stuart-Hitchcox

Drummer of the Year (Award #17)
Matthew Atkins
Spencer Cheyne
Flavio Cirillo
Rich DaSilva
Krista Wodelet

Fiddle Player of the Year (Award #18)
Linsey Beckett
Tyler Beckett
Denis Dufresne
Julie Kennedy
Mike Sanyshyn

Guitar Player of the Year (Award #19)
Ryan Davidson
Matt McKay
Tara McLeod
Chad Murphy
Brennan Wall

Keyboard Player of the Year (Award #20)
Mike Little
Brendan Waters
Scott Wilkinson

Specialty Instrument Player of the Year (Award #21)
Johnny Gasparic
Shane Guse
Mitch Jay
Connor Riddell
Katie Rox

Steel Guitar Player of the Year (Award #22)
Chris Altmann
Mitch Jay
Doug Johnson


Country Personality(ies) of the Year (Award #23)
Wendy Boomer – CKBY-FM
Shannon Ella – Pure Country
Paul Ferguson – CHCQ-FM
Jason McCoy – Pure Country
Greg Shannon, Stella Stevens – CFCW

Radio Station of the Year (Large Market) (Award #24)
CFCW – Edmonton, AB
CHKX-FM – Hamilton, ON
CJJR-FM – Vancouver, BC
CJKX-FM – Oshawa, ON
CKKL-FM – Ottawa, ON

Radio Station of the Year (Medium or Small Market) (Award #25)
CHCQ-FM – Belleville, ON
CJXL-FM – Moncton, NB
CKDK-FM – Woodstock, ON
CKGY-FM – Red Deer, AB
CKLJ-FM – Olds, AB


Booking Agency of the Year (Award #26)
Action Entertainment Collaborative
The Feldman Agency
Invictus Entertainment Group
Paquin Artists Agency
Sakamoto Agency

Country Music Program or Special of the Year (Award #29)
Christmas Time With Tenille Townes – Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
A Kissel Country Christmas – Bak 2 Bak Entertainment Inc., CFCW
Pure Country Top 50 Of 2021 Hosted By Shannon Ella With Special Guests Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter – Bell Media
The Road Less Travelled – Stingray
Wise Woman, The Show – Mallory Johnson, Twin Kennedy

Management Company of the Year (Award #30)
Big Loud Management
The Core Entertainment
Invictus Entertainment Group
MDM Artist Management Services
Starseed Entertainment

Music Publishing Company of the Year (Award #31)
Anthem Entertainment
Big Loud Publishing
Sony Music Publishing Canada

Universal Music Publishing

Warner Chappell Music Canada

Record Company of the Year (Award #32)
Big Loud Records
MDM Recordings Inc.
Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
Universal Music Canada
Warner Music Canada

Industry Person of the Year (Award #33)
Paul Biro – Sakamoto Agency – Vice President and Operating Partner
Steve Coady – Warner Music Canada – Vice President, Radio Promotion
Mike Denney – MDM Recordings Inc. – President
Brianne Deslippe – Big Loud Records – VP International
Bobby Wills – Willing Entertainment – Director and General Manager

Creative Director(s) of the Year (Award #34)
Design Team: Alee   
Album: Feels Like This, Limited Release Package (Artist: Alee)
Design Team: Chris Cavill, Chris Doi, Kyle McKearney, Jeffrey Ojeda          
Album: Down-Home, Single Art, Design Concepts (Artist: Kyle McKearney)
Design Team: Austin Chaffe
Brand Identity (Artist: Dean Brody), Album: Honkytonk Revival (Artist: Jade Eagleson), Single: More Drinkin’ Than Fishin’ (Artist: Jade Eagleson, Dean Brody) Brand Identity (Artist: Nate Haller), Single: What The Truck (Artist: The Reklaws & Sacha), Ad Material: Winter’s A Beach (Artist: The Reklaws)
Design Team: Mitchell Nevins
Album: Campfire Troubadour, Lyrics and Guitar Chords, Ad Material (Artist: Tim Hicks
Design Team: Bronwin Parks
Album: Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass (Artist: Gord Bamford), Single: Drink Along Song (Artist: Gord Bamford), Album: No Roads In (Artist: Blake Reid Band), Single: Optimist (Artist: Kassandra Clack), Single: Kissed Me Like That (Artist: Megan Dawson), Merch: New Kind of Outlaw (Artist: D’orjay the Singing Shaman), Single: Better Off (Artist: Kalsey Kulyk) Album: Free (Artist: Elyse Saunders)

Recording Studio of the Year (Award #35)
Barrytone Studios – Miramichi, NB
Bart McKay Productions – Saskatoon, SK
MCC Recording Studio – Calgary, AB
OCL Studios – Chestermere, AB
Revolution Recording – Toronto, ON

Record Producer(s) of the Year (Award #36)
Dan Davidson           
Single: Wanted You To (Artist: Hailey Benedict)
Danick Dupelle         
Single: Wild As Her (Artist: Tyler Joe Miller)
Danick Dupelle, Tebey Ottoh         
Single: What Was I Drinking (Artist: Tebey)
Joey Moi       
Single: Hide From A Broken Heart (Artist: Dallas Smith)
Deric Ruttan 
Single: Whiskey Does (Artist: Tim Hicks)

Retailer of the Year (Award #37)
Amazon Music
Apple Music
Spotify Canada Inc.

Ron Sakamoto Talent Buyer or Promoter of the Year (Award #38)
Paul Biro – Sakamoto Agency
Dan Clapson – Blue Jay Sessions
Jim Cressman – Invictus Entertainment Group
Brooke Dunford – Republic Live
Adam Oppenheim – Stampede Entertainment Inc.

Video Director of the Year (Award #39)
Stephano Barberis   
Video: Best Of Me (Artist: Josh Ramsay feat. Dallas Smith), Video: Can’t Beat The View (Artist: Chris Buck Band), Video: Rattlesnake Bite (Artist: Kadooh), Video: Weather Man (Artist: Danielle Ryan)
Ben Knechtel
Video: More Drinkin’ Than Fishin’ (Artist: Jade Eagleson & Dean Brody), Video: Pretty Please (Artist: SACHA), Video: She Don’t Know (Artist: Jade Eagleson), Video: Somewhere To Drink (Artist: Nate Haller, The Reklaws, Brett Kissel), Video: Trust Issues (Artist: Robyn Ottolini)
Codi McIvor 
Video: Grass Roots (Artist: Drew Gregory), Video: If I Got You (Artist: Jordyn Pollard), Video: Level Up (Artist: Hailey Benedict), Video: Shittin’ In The Barn (Artist: Drew Gregory), Video: When God Made Country Music (Artist: Drew Gregory),
Travis Nesbitt           
Video: Chop Suey (Artist: The Dead South), Video: Drink Along Song (Artist: Gord Bamford), Video: People Are Strange (Artist: The Dead South), Video: Soundtrack to the End of The World (Artist: The Congregation)
Ryan Nolan   
Video: Had a Good Weekend (Artist: Shantaia), Video: Let You (Artist: Don Amero & Raquel Cole), Video: Our Days Are Numbered (Artist: Five Roses), Video: The Highway (Artist: Terri Clark), Video: Three Quarter Time (Artist: Callie McCullough)