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"The CCMA Discovery Program was without a doubt one of the most positive, career building, friend finding, and all round awesome-timing experiences that I have ever had.  Under the guidance of the CCMA, the wealth of music industry individuals that came together to fuel the project was astounding.  Spending a week in Toronto, meeting with close to every major figure in the Canadian country music world, and hearing their insights on the business produced a myriad of positive consequences: our knowledge base skyrocket, our appreciation for the interworking of their various jobs grew profoundly, and we were quite literally put on a first name basis with a set of people that would take years to meet individually outside the project. "

- CCMA Discovery Program Participant and CCMA Discovery Award Winner, Wes Mack

For more CCMA Discovery Program 2013 participant testimonials, CLICK HERE


In 2013, the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) introduced the CCMA Discovery Program to educate and support artists in their pursuit of a career in country music. This program enhanced the previous CCMA New Artist Showcase to include bringing all selected artists to Toronto for Music Industry Discovery Week, a Mentorship opportunity and a CCMA Discovery Showcase during Country Music Week. After a successful first year, the CCMA Discovery Program will take place once again in 2014.      

All applicants must be a CCMA Member at the Industry, Lifetime or Corporate level.  For more information on CCMA Membership or to sign up CLICK HERE.


The CCMA Discovery Program includes the following opportunities in 2014 for six (6) jury-selected Canadian acts:

1.       Music Industry Discovery Week

2.       Mentorship

3.       Country Music Week Discovery Showcase

4.       CCMA Discovery Award Program

Music Industry Discovery Week:  The six (6) selected acts will be flown to Toronto for a week (May 25 to 30) to discover more about the music business and artist development through a wide range of opportunities. Plans for these five intensive days include: industry-led information sessions, branding and media training, media interviews, and the opportunity to perform at a private industry showcase.     

Mentorship: The CCMA will be linking each selected act with an established Canadian act for mentorship purposes. This connection will be made following the Music Industry Discovery Week and before arriving in Edmonton for Country Music Week.

Country Music Week Discovery Showcase: Taking the traditional CCMA New Artist Showcase spot on the Thursday night schedule during Country Music Week, this three hour show will put the spotlight on the six selected acts. With a full concert production, backed by a house band, each act will have the opportunity to perform in front of the music industry and fans alike. 

CCMA Discovery Award Winner:  During Country Music Week, one exceptional CCMA Discovery Program act will be selected by an industry jury to receive the “CCMA Discovery Award” at the CCMA Gala Dinner & Awards. The CCMA Discovery Award winner will also receive music video funding (courtesy of CMT), and other industry related prizing.

 For more detailed information on the CCMA Discovery Program CLICK HERE .


HOW IT WORKS: All submissions for 2014 CCMA Discovery Program are juried nationally by music industry professionals. This is the first in the Six Step Selection Process (For more details on the Six Step Selection Process CLICK HERE).  Submission does not guarantee acceptance. All applicants will be notified by mid April. Submission deadline is Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 2:00 PM EST. Late applications will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

PAYMENT: A $30 dollar submission fee (including taxes) is required to process all applications. Submission fees are non-refundable.


Act Eligibility Criteria

The following represents the criteria for the selection of acts to participate in the program in 2014:

1.       An eligible act selected to participate can be a single artist, duo, or core members of a group.

2.       Eligible acts must be Canadian citizens or have landed immigrant status.  The exception is in the case of a Group or Duo at where at least 50% of the core members must be Canadian citizens or have landed immigrant status 

3.       Due to liability issues all members of each act must be the age of majority in their province or territory of resident or older as of the first day of Music Industry Discovery Week (May 25, 2014). Age of majority is 18 in: AB, MB, ON, PE, QC, SK. Age of Majority is 19 in: BC, NB, NL, NS, NWT, NT, YK.  No exceptions will be made.

4.       Acts that have previously participated in the CCMA New Artist Showcase or CCMA Discovery Program as a performer * or acts who have previously been nominated for a CCMA Award ** are not eligible.

Note: *An individual performing artist who has previously selected within a group or duo and now performs as a solo artist, does not qualify.  A group or duo who has a group member previously selected as an individual performing artist does not qualify.  ** Artist categories include: Male, Female, Group, Fans’ Choice, Single, Album, Video, Roots, Interactive and Rising Star. 

5.       All members of each act must be available to attend and participate in the Music Industry Discovery Week to be held in Toronto, May 25-30, 2014 and Country Music Week in Edmonton from September 3-7, 2014.

6.       All members of each act must sign a CCMA Discovery Program 2014 waiver prior to the Music Industry Discovery Week in Toronto in order to participate in the CCMA Discovery Program in 2014.  

7.       Participation in the CCMA Discovery Program does not exclude an act from participating in any other CCMA sanctioned Country Music Week 2014 opportunities.

8.       All selected acts are required to be members of the CCMA (Industry, Corporate, or Lifetime status) in good standing. Within a Group or Duo 50% of the core members must be members of the CCMA. 

9.       All acts selected in Step Four and Step Six (see Act Selection Process on Page 2 of the CCMA Discovery Program Overview HERE) must keep their selection confidential and abide by communication plans of the CCMA.   

CCMA DISCOVERY SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: A complete submission must include the following:

  • 1 Professional Publicity Photograph (High Resolution JPEG)
  • Biography (no more than 50 words)
  • Two (2) Songs (no covers, MP3 files required) Must have at least two (2) original songs you can perform live


Should your submission make it through to Step Four of the Jury Process, you will be asked to submit two videos. (For more details on the two videos, see Page 2  of the CCMA Discovery Program Overview  HERE).


If you have any questions about the CCMA Discovery Program, please contact Alannah Cruickshank at acruickshank@ccma.org, or by phone 416-947-1331 ext 214.  





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* Biography (50 words or less):

Please upload 3 files:
   1) 2 songs you wish to submit. The details of the songs should be filled in the space above. (MP3 file format required).
   2) 1 Professional Publicity photograph (JPG file format required).

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All files sent using this form are subject to copyright laws. Please do not upload work that is not your own.

***If all components are not met, your submission will not be put through to be juried.


(The mp3 and image upload may take several minutes.)
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